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music academy chennai

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  • A university school of music or college of music, or academy of music or conservatoire (French, but used in British English) — also known as a conservatory (American and British English) or a conservatorium (Australian English) — is a higher education institution dedicated to teaching the art


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  • A seaport on the eastern coast of India, capital of Tamil Nadu; pop. 4,298,600
  • a city in Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal; formerly Madras
  • Chennai (Tamil), formerly known as Madras (Tamil: AKA), is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is the fourth most populous metropolitan area and the fifth most populous city in India.

music academy chennai – Handel: Trio

Handel: Trio Sonatas Op.2 & Op.5
Handel: Trio Sonatas Op.2 & Op.5
Richard Egarr and the Academy of Ancient Music conclude their award-winning cycle with this dazzling traversal of the Trio Sonatas Op. 2 and Op. 5. These works, less frequently heard than much of Handel’s output, are brilliantly crafted, exciting, and (above all) fun pieces of chamber music. The Italiante singing style of the melodic writing is both virtuosic and sonorous. Handel took Corelli’s ‘sonata da chisea’ model and with consummate ease, created sparklingly diverse and richly colorful works that are clearly stamped with his own unique stylistic signature.

Soulful Music, in carnatic style at the Academy in Chennai

Soulful Music, in carnatic style at the Academy in Chennai
Music in the Air at Chennai for about 60 days during DEC/JAN every year. Sponsors are in plenty, auditorium overflows with fans, and musicians young and old , locals and from other countries , performs. Tradition is kept alive and kicking well. The Vocal Artist in this concert is Lakshmi Rangarajan and supported by her daughter Subhiksha Rangarajan

This time we got only back seat, so the quality of picture is not that good, still can enjoy.



Music Academy

music academy chennai

The History of the Royal Academy of Music: Compiled from Authentic Sources (Cambridge Library Collection - Music)
The Royal Academy of Music in London was founded in 1822 by Lord Burghersh (later the 11th Earl of Westmorland), a soldier and keen amateur musician, to whom this book is dedicated. He was supported by the French harpist and composer Nicolas-Charles Bochsa, who had fled to London to avoid prosecution in France for fraud and forgery. In 1854, the Rev. William Wahab Cazalet (1808-75) wrote a history of the Royal Academy ‘compiled from authentic sources’ and beginning with an adulatory short biography of the Earl. Cazalet remarks in his preface that ‘the history comprises only about eleven years of the life of the Institution; but it is this portion alone that has any interest, for when all the struggles and troubles attending its establishment are at an end, the records of a mere routine of business give no material for publication’.


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